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The PELICAN 309 – ECB approved coin counter and sorter – 1100 coins per minute!

The Pelican 309 coin counter and sorter is a high-speed table top machine for sorting up to 9 denominations and will reject foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc. The 5th generation alloy sensor technology ensures highest counting accuracy, ideal for counting and sorting medium volumes of coins quickly and accurately. 


Serval Success Story     WHAT IS SERVAL? SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare allows catering staff to take patient’s orders via an Android tablet. This eliminates the need for paper along with reducing costs and saving time. The app also allows staff to see the patient’s dietary requirements and helps to improve their nutritional care.  Additionally, the Serval app allows for automated reporting and meets JCI compliance. Serval offers your hospital catering department a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable process that…

Bank Note Steriliser

The Plasma Money Steriliser is the world’s first open money counter steriliser.  It sterilises and disinfects bank notes as they are run through a money counting machine. As notes are counted, millions of plasma ion clusters surround and penetrate the notes, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacterial fine dust in 30 seconds. It uses a unique sterilisation method. When the device senses banknotes being loaded it creates millions of plasma ion clusters which  rid the banknotes and the air around…

Advantages of Cashless and Contactless Payment

In all retail environments cashless payments and contactless payments are becoming more popular than cash, especially in light of the threat from Covid-19.  Dualtron and UPOS support three different ways of removing or reducing cash payment.  Contactless Payments In the open world of retail and hospitality, contactless payment on a debit/credit card or mobile phone is growing in popularity. The fastest way to process these transactions is with a fully integrated PED, such as a Verifone P400. By integrating this…

'Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail' are you providing the best customer experience in your bar, restaurant, takeaway? Some simple technology can help #CustomerExperience #MondayMotivation #Technology #Restaurant #bars #Takeaways #Ireland info@dualtron.ie #SOLT #easytosetup https://t.co/zPxzVZ83cw
“Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are.” – Betsy Sanders @Dualtron #Team #CustomerService @DaveByrne15 https://t.co/wbsGVJjMVm
Are you in the business of counting money? Well, thismachine might make your life a lot easier #Pelican309 #1100coinspermin #fast #coinsorter #savestime #hygenic #efficient #Dualtron @DaveByrne15 https://t.co/E3DzTI1NOe
An exciting day at Dualtron HQ ! ISO 27001 accreditation day - Congrats to us! #Teamwork #ISO27001 #Dualtron #Customerservice #Datasecurity @DaveByrne15 https://t.co/VvEJiKfuFS
Great show today, well done to all involved. looking forward to September #FutureHealthV https://t.co/62569mXiYt
Food waste in hospitals is a common problem. Dualtron's SERVAL ordering system can help. Preparing only the food each patient requires for each meal. Find out more https://t.co/bQ3I8FFNbi The HSE has more great tips. https://t.co/ow7TlomR80
Happy Easter from all at Dualtron. https://t.co/D9Jr3rOASc
Dualtron’s UPOS system helps with fast till transactions. It is simple & easy to use. Employees use an app that allow them to pay for food contactlessly. Find out more at https://t.co/SWVxGmGL9G or contact us at 01 823 7150 #UPOS #Dualtron #cashlesspayments https://t.co/unzrhvxh4K
The Pelican 309 high speed coin counter & sorter is a table top machine that can sort up to 9 denominations in Euro or Sterling. Rejecting foreign & counterfeit coins, it's ECB approved with a bagging kit also available. Find out more here: https://t.co/C6m9EuwEY4 01 8237150 https://t.co/GilFQuqRa6
The Wireless Call Bell system provided by Dualtron helps a patient who requires assistance, sending information to a receiver fixed to a nurses' station and to a portable receiver carried by the on duty nurse. Find out more below. https://t.co/md0J8AjOnX
With new restrictions in place, Dualtron will continue to provide support for our essential customers. 01 823 7150 | support@dualtron.ie | https://t.co/GttlgromWG https://t.co/vKJyPR4uTO
From all of us at Dualtron, we wish you a very Happy Christmas & New Year. https://t.co/Iw4ZepQSGh
Over the festive period, Dualtron are open, however with some reduced days. Please see below the hours we are open for any help or assistance you need. https://t.co/UHlkLSt8A5
Have a look at our Black Label Sale! We have our UV Detector, used to authenticate passports and ID documents at a great price. Check https://t.co/rQroO4PtiS 01 823 7150 to find out more.


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