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Bank Note Steriliser

The Plasma Money Steriliser is the world’s first open money counter steriliser.  It sterilises and disinfects bank notes as they are run through a money counting machine. As notes are counted, millions of plasma ion clusters surround and penetrate the notes, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacterial fine dust in 30 seconds. It uses a unique sterilisation method. When the device senses banknotes being loaded it creates millions of plasma ion clusters which  rid the banknotes and the air around…

Advantages of Cashless and Contactless Payment

In all retail environments cashless payments and contactless payments are becoming more popular than cash, especially in light of the threat from Covid-19.  Dualtron and UPOS support three different ways of removing or reducing cash payment.  Contactless Payments In the open world of retail and hospitality, contactless payment on a debit/credit card or mobile phone is growing in popularity. The fastest way to process these transactions is with a fully integrated PED, such as a Verifone P400. By integrating this…

Dualton & COVID-19 Update

Dualtron will continue to provide service and support to customers during the Coronavirus.

Cash and The Coronavirus

With the spread of Coronavirus, the circulation of banknotes and coins are becoming a concern.

Dualtron's banknote steriliser can help prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. Contact Dualtron on 01 823 7150 for further information. https://t.co/SMfl1m6Byq
Versapak's infection control products can help with the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. Contact Dualtron on 01-823 7150 or visit https://t.co/0oe5Zc9xfR to find out more. https://t.co/eCFS0dZGoL
Disinfected air plays an important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 as reported recently by RTÉ. https://t.co/BTXDLcc9kj Dualtron's banknote steriliser, plasma ion clusters surround the notes eliminating 99.9% of germs - find out more here https://t.co/vsRvnlPWBH
The Future Health Summit has been postponed until April 27th - 28th 2021. We understand the reasoning behind this decision and hope that everyone remains safe. We remain looking forward to exhibiting. #FutureHealthSummit #Dualtron #Health #StaySafe #Healthcare https://t.co/3AP97hKAvy
Concerned about bank notes and how germs can be transferred on them? Dualtron can help with our money steriliser. Find out more here: https://t.co/xcVzv6DQkN #dualtron #moneysteriliser #hygiene #money #banknotes #coronavirus
See how cashless and contactless payment systems can help your business. https://t.co/nBL7BH53Oo #dualtron #cashless #contactless
The Future Health Summit has been postponed. We are still excited to excited to exhibit in the RDS in September. #FutureHealthSummit #StaySafeStayHome #Healthcare https://t.co/LXMjUeWWtk
Dualtron will continue to provide support to customers during this period. 01 823 7150 | support@dualtron.ie | https://t.co/MWfeh6gUjB https://t.co/hMO5hoDcPA
Check out Dualtron's blog post for @HealthIreland on how our SERVAL software can help those working in healthcare with nutrition. We're looking forward to exhibiting there in May! #FutureHealthSummit #Dualtron #Healthcare #SERVAL https://t.co/q57pmFqkIW
Hygiene issues surrounding cash handling are causing concern due to the spread of #Coronavirus. See how @myPaypod can help. https://t.co/a8a6rf6xLM https://t.co/l9LZwmamKm
RT @gardainfo: An Garda Síochána and the Office of the Revenue Commissioners wish to highlight that there has recently been a significant i…
@david_edelhart Hi there, I think you have the wrong Dualtron, we are a cash handling and EPOS supplier based in Ireland. Hope that helps.
Great to see @RotundaHospital getting recognition for their wonderful food, and great that Serval can play a part. https://t.co/PS5AxzLNfw Serval Ordering is bringing real-time, paperless ordering Irish hospitals and making a real difference https://t.co/MptKLG1YxF
RT @SFA_Irl: @SFA_Irl Chair @sueoneillwalsh highlights that SMEs need to invest in career paths for their team & quotes @SkillnetIreland’s…
📈Grow your sales with our new Self-Service EPOS. Customer-friendly software, available of a variety of hardware options. https://t.co/v4x0qqeqFy https://t.co/dYo3UzfA8b
RT @UpayApp: Upay is not only a #payment application but also a #communicationstool that allows you to send #messages to your users as well…
Very interesting talk on Crisis Management from @BrettBruen at @SFASkillnet #sfaskillnet https://t.co/7ufPO8otng


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