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6 ways to boost customer loyalty with promotion features

6 ways to boost customer loyalty with promotion features

Running promotion and loyalty campaigns is a great way to boost sales revenue and keep your customers engaged. At Uniware, we have built our systems to include a variety of these features for caterers.

Below are 6 ways you can utilise available promotion features to boost customer loyalty: 1. Start a loyalty programme A point collection and redemption programme can be set up once and left to run on a permanent basis. This can be universally applicable for all users, or selected users only (by account types), and can exclude certain products if required. We provide an omnichannel solution so your loyalty programme can work across channels, whether your customers pay through Upay or at the till. 2. Run a multi-buy campaign A multi-buy is a purchase of two or more items at a special discount compared to the price when bought separately. Multi-buy campaigns can come in many formats, for example, lunch meal deals, food and drink multi-buys, coffee loyalty promotions, etc., and is great for increasing sales while offering your customers value for money. Multi-buy campaigns can be set as always ongoing, or for a specific time only.

3. Use vouchers in various ways Vouchers can be used in many different ways depending on your business objectives at a particular time.

Percentage-based discount vouchers (e.g. 10% off selected items, 25% off the whole order at a particular restaurant) – this type of discount is great for both driving overall sale revenue and offloading excess stock

  • Discounts in monetary values (e.g. €3 off certain items, €5 off for a minimum order of £€20, etc.) – this type of discount is especially useful to increase average order values

  • Free gifts and value redemption vouchers (e.g. free cookie vouchers, get a free drink for every burger) – can be used both to boost customer engagement and increase average order values

  • Free-shipping vouchers – works particularly well when used alongside the online food order app Order Ahead to encourage trial or boost the app’s uptake

  • Subscription vouchers – for all clients that use Uniware EPoS, your customers can buy vouchers from accumulated loyalty points within the Upay app, with their cashless tokens, or with money directly from your PoS. This feature is particularly useful if you would like to offer subscription vouchers to customers (for example, £30 monthly voucher for one free coffee every hour, 50% off late breakfast voucher, etc.), allowing them to buy such vouchers quickly and easily at the till.

4. Incentivize customers for certain activities on Upay Currently, there are many pre-set incentive types that have been set up and are ready to use within Upay Manager. These are designed to help you boost uptake of the Upay app at your sites, as well as increase cashless spending (as opposed to direct debit/credit/contactless cards), to ultimately help you save on transaction fees. Currently available incentive types include:

  • Login – incentivizing users for logging in the Upay app

  • App login – this works the same way as login, but particularly to encourage usage of the Upay app (as opposed to the Upay website)

  • Registration – incentivizing users for registering for a new Upay account (could be limited to a time period only)

  • Top-up – incentivizing users for topping up their Upay accounts

  • Shop Order – this incentive is linked to the online food order app, Order Ahead. You can offer incentives to encourage users to try Order Ahead or use it more often

  • Survey complete – incentivising users for completing surveys you run on Upay Typeforms

  • Refer friend – incentivising users for referring new Upay users

  • Refer by friend - incentivizing new users who were referred by existing users – this works most effectively when used alongside the ‘Refer friend’ incentive

If there are other types of incentives you would like to offer your customers that are not yet available on Upay Manager, speak to our team today.

5. Make use of ambient offers in Upay to advertise for your loyalty campaigns Once your users have downloaded Upay onto their device, the app can be used not only for payment, but also a marketing channel to promote your other activities and offers on site, for example, new restaurant openings, or new promotion/loyalty programmes. Once you have created an ambient offer, it will appear on the front screen of users’ Upay app, so they can see your offer as soon as they log in. 6. Keep customers informed of your menu changes regularly If your catering outlet changes menus regularly, making sure your customers are well informed of this is a great way to engage with them, as well as encouraging them to try new offers from you. Simply upload your new menu as a document on Upay Manager, and the next time users log into Upay, they will be able to see this new menu on the Upay home page. Remember, you can also use this in conjunction with other loyalty features mentioned above (e.g. 10% off vouchers for this week, redeemable through Upay).

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