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An Online Table Order Solution Like No Other!

Uniware Scan Order Pay is a technology platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their e-commerce operations. It includes inventory management, order processing, and payment processing capabilities

The order processing capabilities of Uniware Scan Order Pay enable businesses to efficiently manage their orders. The platform can automatically import orders from various channels, allowing businesses to process orders quickly and accurately. Uniware Scan Order Pay also provides real-time order tracking, enabling businesses to monitor the status of their orders and ensure timely delivery.

Uniware Scan Order Pay also includes payment processing capabilities, allowing businesses to accept payments from various payment gateways, such as credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. The platform ensures secure payment processing and provides businesses with tools to manage refunds and chargebacks.


Flexibility to serve your every need Need to change menus for different events? Unlike other QR code mobile ordering solutions, Uniware’s Scan-Order-Pay allows you to have more than one QR code, each seamlessly linking to a different version of your web app. This means you can offer ✔different prices (for example, to handle student VAT exemption) ✔different discounts and promotions ✔different menus


✔Easily create online menus from your existing items ✔Collect data from all your catering outlets and sales channels ✔Data analysis in one central system ✔Access to pro features - e.g. student VAT exemption, flexible delivery time slots linked to production, and many more. For your loyal customers - One app for all their needs - All loyalty points and discounts seamlessly synced - Access to free items, allowances, departmental charging, etc. For your casual customers - Fast and easy ordering - No app download required

In summary, Uniware Scan Order Pay is a comprehensive e-commerce management platform that provides businesses with tools to manage their inventory, orders, and payments efficiently

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