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Introducing market leading ios based pos technology

From small startups to global chains, this iOS POS is a flexible, mobile-first solution that can be used on traditional manned checkout, self-checkouts or mobile checkouts. The responsive design gives you, your staff and customers the ability to use any iOS device and still enjoy the same great experience.

All you need to get started is an Iphone, Ipad or Macbook and internet, it really is that simple.

This POS offers a range of functionalities all centered around excellent customer service and a lean and optimised sales process. For all ExtendaGO customers, the evolution of our software is included, enabling you and your team to always have access to the very latest technology fit for global retail leaders. As our systems run on Cloud, signing up for ExtendaGO can become a real money-saving gem with easy implementation.

Food and beverage outlets

ExtendaGO supports different pricing for eat in and out. We offer web ordering & takeaway functionality out of the box – take orders online, and deliver to your customer’s home! We have our own Kitchen Display Screen App for orders prepared in a kitchen, bar or coffee machine. We also offer Mobile POS and Self Checkout option

Health and wellness

Simplicity and great design. Includes functionality for gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programmes, which boost cash flow of gyms, salons and other wellness facilities. The reports in ExtendaGO’s Retail Cloud backoffice provide a great overview of your business. Furthermore, the system can be integrated to or used in parallel with booking systems.

Omnichannel shopping

Integratable with WooCommerce, ExtendaGO allows you to break down the boundaries between e-Commerce and physical stores, with mobile shopping options such as Click & Collect.

Market places and fairs

100% mobile-first, which means that sales and finance can be done anywhere, and you’ll only be charged for those months the POS is in use. Great for on and off businesses

Bring future of pos technology into your business this new year, for more information or a free demo contact us today


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