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Banking Automation CDS 4910

Banking Automation CDS 4910

Banking Automation CDS 4910 Coin Deposit System

Screen based animations encourage high customer usage and provide easy guidance throughout the entire deposit procedure.

The CDS can be configured as an off-line unit or as part of a fully networked self service banking system, providing real time data capture.

Automatic coin feeding and accurate counting of up to 20 different coin denominations and rejection of foreign or unrecognised coins and tokens.

The patented coin cleaning system makes sure that all foreign bodies are separated from the coins, which ensures lower maintenance costs and high machine availability.

The unit can be configured to charge any fees or commissions that you require and can charge different rates to bank customers and non-customers.

The CDS offers increased brand awareness with your own colour customisation.

  1. Banks and other Financial Institutions (Self Service banking for personal and business customers making coin deposits)

  2. Transport (airline cabin crew, bus or train drivers and conductors who need to deposit fares or payments received)

  3. Retail Outlets (convenient coin deposit system for daily takings and offering customers a paying in point for their coins)

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