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Cash Harvester

Cash Harvester

The Cash Harvester integrates Dualtron’s Kisan Newton F notesorter with Cash Dynamics’ tamper evident vacuum sealed cash bagging solution.

The Cash Harvester is a unique back-office device/solution which enables the counting, processing, authenticating and fitness sorting of bank notes and their secure depositing into a secure tamper evident bag.

The cashier feeds notes into the note counter and once processed the Harvester automatically feeds the notes into the secure vault area and into a bag.

A standard networked PC is linked to the Harvester so local or remote access to data is available.

The denomination of the notes accepted into the bag is purely down to the settings entered into the note counting equipment as only notes accepted into the bottom of the two pockets are processed by the Harvester.

Once the bag is full of notes, and this level can of course be controlled, the heat sealing device activates and seals the bag. This creates a very low cost tamper evident bag which can then be removed and sent via CIT to a Cash Centre for processing or stored for recycling within the business.

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