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Counterfeit Detection

If you accept hard currency at your business, counterfeit detection should be a priority for you.

Modern banknotes contain special infrared (IR) inks: ink that reflects IR light (glows), and ink that absorbs IR light (turns black). Both are invisible in normal daylight and can only be detected by special devices.  

Manual IR detectors such as the CT333 let you visually inspect how a bill responds to IR frequencies. Automated detectors such as the BC241, K2, and Newton 2P automatically identify the specific IR response patterns unique to each supported currency and denomination

All our machines are fully approved by the ECB which assures a high level of counterfeit detection in accordance with international standards.

Other Features:

  1. Ultra Violet (UV) – Genuine banknotes are made from rag cotton paper which does not glow under UV light.

  2. Magnetic Sensors (MG) – Modern notes have magnetic ink in strategic place that shows up with an MG sensor.


“The CT331 is a fast and efficient way of checking for counterfeits, notes are in and out in seconds. We haven’t had a single counterfeit since installing these machines. I would recommend them for any retail store.” – Steven Glover, Kay’s Food, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

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