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Benefits of Using Coin Counters

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Penny for your thoughts? If your business accepts coins as payment, you know that manually counting them at the end of the day isn’t very productive. It’s boring, it’s time-consuming, and it’s a waste of time. Whether you’re a casino owner, car park manager, charity, or in any type of business that operates on coins heavily, getting your own coin counting machine is a no-brainer. If you’re still manually counting coins, it’s time for a change. It’s time to take advantage of technology. Here are some benefits to investing in a coin counter.

Save Valuable Time

Coin counters can quickly sort and count all denominations effortlessly. On average our smallest coin counter can count and sort 500 coins per minute, much faster than manual counting saving valuable time. When your employees aren’t spending as much time on counting coins in the back room, they can spend more time with your customers and on more valuable responsibilities.

Greater Accuracy

Manual coin counting is difficult and cumbersome to do accurately. It inevitably comes with errors. Your employees are only human and counting large volumes of coin makes it easy to lose track and make mistakes. Just one mistake can add up to an extra 20 minutes or more of recounting—which is a waste of time. When you invest in a counter, you get greater accuracy, so you know that your totals will be reported correctly every time.

Protect Your Business from Internal Theft

As much as you wish they were, not all employees are honest. Internal theft can account for a significant portion of your company’s overall losses. Investing in a coin counter should be a part of your loss prevention strategy. It can be pretty easy when counting coins by hand for some to disappear when nobody’s looking. Although they might just be small coins, they’ll add up over time. There’s no reason for you to be losing out. Let the machine take care of the counting and keep your money out of your employees’ hands as much as possible.

Clean Hands

Coins are dirty. They’ve been passed around from hand to hand and touched a lot of filthy surfaces before coming into your possession. Keep your employees’ hands clean and germ-free by letting the machine do the work.  

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