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Credit Union Coin Deposit Systems

Would you like to attract more members to your Credit Union?

Self Service Coin Deposit Systems can help you bring in new members and reward your existing members.

You can encourage people to become members and deposit their coin savings to avoid having to bag their loose coin.

Existing members can open piggy-bank accounts for their children and form lifelong saving habits.

Would you like to create new revenue streams for your Credit Union?

A self-service coin centre can provide you with a source of sorted coin for supply to local businesses, meaning your Credit Union can avoid the cost of coin pick-ups and local businesses can reduce the cost of purchasing coin.

Our coin deposit systems can support multiple fee structures, meaning you can charge a fee for coin deposits. This fee could be waived or reduced for existing members or for members leaving the deposit in their account.

Would you like to spend more time talking to your members?

Accepting coin deposits can be time-consuming, members are held up while each coin bag is checked or weighed. Using a coin deposit system means that this part of the transaction is moved away from the counter, meaning that staff have more time to interact with your members when they present at the counter. We also recommend having a greeter in your lobby who can talk to your members while they use the machine, this is a valuable opportunity to talk to your members about your full range of products and accounts.

Why wait?

Contact us now to arrange a visit and turn your Credit Union into a destination for new savers.

How would you use a Coin Deposit System?

Download our free Guide to Coin Deposit Systems for Credit Unions and start thinking about how you could get the most from your system.

Guide to Coin Deposit Systems for Credit Unions

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