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Dualtron Cashless Overview

Dualtron’s Cashless Payment System is a fully hosted, cloud based system

Dualtron offer a fully hosted cashless system a typical solution can be as much as 40% cheaper than most conventional server-on-site cashless systems.

Beetle iPOS Plus- J5X - Small

Our flexible and scalable product range enables us to adopt a cost effective modular approach to offer a complete end to end system for both large and small client locations and multi-site operations.

Your Data is Safe! We use an ISO 27001 Accredited Data Centre and PCI DSS Compliant Payment System.

Key Features

  1. Accept Cashless, Contactless, and NFC Payments

  2. Integrated Loyalty Schemes

  3. Improve the customer experience

  4. Offer commercial advantages through operational efficiencies

  5. Provide access to new additional revenue streams

  6. Reduce the environmental impact of the system

  7. Install a Future Proofed System

  8. Offer systems with reduced capital outlay required

  9. Provide ‘Holistic’ card solutions

  10. Special Offers

  11. Subsidies and Allowances

Key Benefits

  1. Card transactions are quicker than cash and speed up service, shortening queues and increasing turnover

  2. Full management control from any pc at any time

  3. Reduced maintenance costs and system down time compared to cash or more basic ‘on-card’ solutions

  4. Consolidated sales analysis and performance information

  5. The ability to offer loyalty and promotion to customers

  6. Reduced hosting and network infrastructure costs

Main Till with Salad
  1. Increase Customer Loyalty

Integration Options

  1. Data Import/Exports

  2. Existing EPoS System and OEM Reader

  3. Stock Control, Finance and Security Solutions

  4. Printing/Photocopying

  5. Library Systems

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