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have you seen our cash handling solutions?

Simplify and secure your payments!


We provide multiple solutions from a cash counter, which is comprehensive cash management product which has the flexibility required for various tasks within the banking environment, to our multi pocket banknote sorters with the most innovative technology in not only sorting but identifying fraudulent notes

Newton 3

The Newton 3 is faster than ever before featuring Dual CIS technology, which gives it a crucial advantage against the latest generation of counterfeits.

The Newton’s increased processing power, combined with the dual CIS allow the Newton 3 to read the serial number of every note, this means it can blacklist known counterfeit or stolen serial numbers and also record the serial numbers of every note in a count

Kisan K5A

The Kisan K5A is a high volume, continuous operation, 5 pocket banknote sorter. Like all Kisan products, it uses state of the art Dual CIS technology for efficient counterfeit detection and fitness sorting.

The vertical note-path allows for a small footprint, saving space in the back-office or cash centre. Users can assign denominations to any pocket making it adaptable to suit any counting process.


The advanced BC 242 SD is equipped with the latest generation of sensors so that all notes are correctly counted and checked.

This banknote counter has been successfully tested by DNB and the color display provides the user with all information in any desired language. Various currencies can be mixed counted and an update is easily installed via USB.


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