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Serval Ward Ordering from Dualtron

Imagine you could improve your patients’ experience with better food service and nutrition?

Now imagine you could also eliminate paperwork and scheduling whilst ensuring every patient got the right food for them at the right bedside at the right time?

Serval Ward Ordering solves the problems with paper orders. No more collating, counting paper orders by bed, room, ward and floors. All of this is automatically recorded when the orders are taken at each bedside on a tablet PC. Each patient's dietary information is automatically updated so that the patient is always offered the correct manu choices for them. This means better outcomes for the patient and therefore the hospital. Because each patient gets the right food at the right time at the right bedside, food waste is greatly reduced.

Serval gives more control to the catering management team. Production schedules can be viewed remotely and staff at ward level can see what's on the way to them and when.

Clinical and dietician staff can see what's being ordered for each patient so if a late change is required to a meal order it can be carried out in the Serval App and back office. Again this helps with patient outcomes and means less waste.

All patient orders, meal and diet information is retained in the Serval system and this allows for easy retrieval, at the push of a button, should this information be required later on for medical or legal reasons.

Staff can see progress of orders received for each meal at a glance. They can also monitor which patients missed or have not yet chosen their meal options. This makes management of order taking very simple.

Hospital staff and patients love Serval. It's simple to use, easy to deploy and provides instant benefits. It means the right patient gets the right food at the right time. Serval is in use in hospitals in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

As Serval rolls out to more and more hospitals, it has proven adaptable to the different processes and requirements each hospital presents. To find out more - CLICK HERE or contact us on

You can Count on Dualtron!


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