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Intelligent Safes

Intelligent Safes

The Smart and Secure solution for cash management!

Controlling access to cash on your premises is a priority for many retailers, particularly in remote locations with no manager present.

Smart Safes allow staff to deposit cash throughout their shift without needing to give them access to the safe.

Lincsafe Range

Dualtron Lincsafe Intelligent Deposit Safes

Unlike a conventional drop safe, every banknote is verified,  counted and recorded before being accepted into the safe. This removes any scope for discrepancies between till takings and safe drops.

Each staff member can be assigned their own user ID and PIN so that cashiers can make deposits but only designated users may make withdrawals, for example, a Manager or a CIT Operator.

All activities are viewable in real time from the secure web portal. This can be monitored by management or CIT in order to trigger a bank run or CIT pickup.

Key Features:

  1. Live online monitoring of all activities and contents

  2. ECB approved anti-counterfeit note acceptor

  3. Accept multiple notes in mixed bundles

  4. Receipt printed for each deposit

  5. Track Cassettes by serial number

  6. All notes are counted and logged as they enter the machine

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