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Updated: May 16, 2022


Is your cash machine a bit worse for wear?

Is it your cash sorting machine fit for purpose:?

Is your cash machine fast?

Does your cash machine sort currencies?

Does your cash machine check serial numbers?

Does your cash machine auto manage blacklist notes?

Maybe it's time for an upgrade!

Is your cash machine a Newton F? Well, now there is a high speed version on the market - the Newton 3.

The Kisan Newton has evolved, Ireland’s most popular note sorter has been upgraded.

The Newton 3 is faster than ever before featuring Dual CIS technology, which gives it a crucial advantage against the latest generation of counterfeits.

The Newton’s increased processing power, combined with the dual CIS allow the Newton 3 to read the serial number of every note, this means it can blacklist known counterfeit or stolen serial numbers and also record the serial numbers of every note in a count.

  • Faster than ever before combination of Dual CIS sensors and Ultrasonic detectors allow it to detect tape and accurately sort fit and unfit notes to ECB standard

• 2 pockets, 1 stacker, 1 reject, allows you to continuously count while removing counterfeits

• Easy to navigate menus and key buttons to the front including batch preset and mode for quick selection

• Auto currency detection

•Dual CIS technology works with Infrared, Ultraviolet and magnetic sensors which gives it a crucial advantage against catching modern counterfeits

•The new opening mechanism makes it easier to clean the machine and remove any jams

•Sleep option to save power when not in use

•The new vertical path helps deter a build up of dust in the sensor module

Check out more information on our new upgraded cash machines available today.

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