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DUALTRON LAUNCHES MASHGIN – A FRICTIONLESS Self-Checkout System that is 4 times faster than normal self-service checkouts

You Can Count on Dualtron’

Mashgin has arrived in Ireland after a successful rollout across America with over 25 million transactions and counting.

Mashgin offers an instant self-service checkout with no barcodes, no cash and no wait! Mashgin takes self service automation to a new level of speed!

Mashgin is 4 times faster checkout that traditional POS, which helps increase revenues. This powerful technology can identify multiple items in under a second so your customers can scan, pay, and be on their way.

This technology keeps customers and employees safe with completely touchless self-checkout. Add items and pay without touching anything but your food.

Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System uses computer vision to recognize objects the same way your eyes do. It can instantly identify packaged goods, produce, and open plates from any angle.

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