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Penguin 709 Sorting Coin Deposit System

Penguin 709 Sorting Coin Deposit System

The Penguin 709 is a simple and very easy to operate, sorting CDS machine which sorts into 9 separate bags.

The machine can print a customer receipt for presentation to a teller, fees and charges can be deducted when the receipt is printed. Alternatively the balance can be credited directly to a customers account with the 709 T+ model.

All coin deposits are counted and verified using CTCoin’s alloy sensor technology, eliminating all foreign or counterfeit coins.

This machine removes the requirement for any back-office sorting of coin as all coins are stored in separate bags with pre-set bag limits.

CTCoin Penguin 709 Coin Deposit System

CTCoin Penguin 709 Coin Deposit System

Penguin 709 S+ Features

  1. Speed: Up to 1100 coins/minute

  2. Noise reducing material (50% reduction)

  3. Large 4 x 20 character easy-to-read display

  4. 2 front doors with individual keys

  5. Folio covered cabinet

  6. CTcoin’s patented hopper cleaning system

  7. Rotatable sensor for easy cleaning of coin rail

  8. Secure locking system

  9. Single output for receipts and reject coins

Penguin 709 R+

  1. As per 709 S+

  2. Rear Loading Doors

Panda 709 T+

  1. As per 709 S+

  2. Touch Screen Interface

  3. Bunch Note Feeder Option

  4. Direct Credit to customer accounts via XFS

Other Options

  1. Coin Cartridges

  2. Pin Pad

  3. Remote light

  4. SMS Status Alerts

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