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COMPANY OVERVIEW PWC’s New Equation vision is a future that is human-led and tech-powered. For PWC people and technology work hand in hand. It's about how human ingenuity combines with technology innovation and experience to deliver faster, more intelligent and better outcomes while building trust with stakeholders across the value chain.


PWC were seeking a payment solution that uses new technology to allow their staff easily access sustainable food choices in the workplace. PWC needed solutions that helped manage the return to the workplace of their large workforce after working remotely during the pandemic . The required solution had to provide a choice of payment methods, service areas and Order Ahead collection points in a socially distant way.


After detailed discussions, PWC decided to add Self Service and Order Ahead as two additional methods of purchasing food and beverages for staff.


These new tools meant that staff now have the option of ordering remotely using Order Ahead on the UPay App. They can access a choice of time and pick up location which greatly assists with socially distancing requirements and planning In implementing Order Ahead PWC used the built in Promotions and Loyalty App to promote sustainable food choices for staff.

The Self Service Kiosk option

deployed by PWC lets staff who wish to ‘grab and go’ their lunch or break requirements access a separate area and be on their way more quickly. Again this not only provides more choice but helps with the safe management of food services for staff.

Please get in touch if we can help you with a bespoke solution your catering, workplaces or retail payments & automated technologies.


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