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Tamper Evident Pouches

Tamper Evident Pouches

We have provided re-usable pouches for standard mail, for data and for transporting photographs. Anything of value that’s needs to be carried safely and securely can be transferred in our Versapak reusable pouches.

There are Versapaks for a huge variety of purposes, including:

  1. Courier pouches

  2. Medical supplies

  3. Photography

  4. Cash and Keys

  5. Office files

  6. DVD/CDs

  7. Computer and Games Supplies

There is also a wide range of materials and colours available if you wish to distinguish bags from other companies pouches. All these bags can be fitted with Tamper Evident Seals, which can be numbered if required.

Contact Dualtron for more information on our Tamper Evident Pouches

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