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ThAT Great Business Show

That Great Business Show with Conall O Móráin 2.00" Katie Knight, Revenue Growth Generator A 'must listen' if you want to know the dirty secrets of the US food and drinks markets. You'll also learn some great new ideas for maximising your food kitchen output and she has suggestions about what Irish food and drinks could make it big in the US.US based for thirty years, Katie Knight has some CV. She has worked with food and drinks companies right across the US and currently is hired by restaurant chain TGI Friday, based in Dallas, Texas. She has also very recently joined the board of one our own Team GBS favourite companies, Meath based liqueur maker Coole Swan, to help them crack the US market.

Katie's 'hire in a heartbeat is Denis Morton, founder of Peleton. 26.00 Dave Byrne, Founder, co-founder Dualtron of the future of cash .Do you remember in business when cash was king? Well, that was pre-Covid, and it didn’t take long for us to switch almost totally to card or phone payments. That’s good news for my next guest Dave Byrne, who founded his company, Dualtron thirty years ago, so back in the days of crinkly pound notes,and for younger listeners, before the Euro there was The Pound. His 'hire in a heartbeat' Feargal Quinn

51.00" Ged MacDomhnaill Climbing Hangar Lisburn born Ged has big plans for his UK based climbing or bouldering business. He was a reluctant entrepreneur, wanting to do nothing else but go climbing. But he's now turned that into a very successful business, raising £10 million to date, with possible plans for a outlet in Belfast, his first in Ireland. His 'hire in a heartbeat'? Mary Portas, the ethical entrepreneur. 70.00"Rani Dabrai, co-founder Queen of Pivots. Rani Dabrai was one time Miss Moneypenny, then served as director with the World Trade Centre in Dublin. Nowadays she is one of fewer than 400 people in the world, qualified in the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS. But, as well as another handful of things she’s involved in she also has launched a new skincare range…as you do! Her 'hire in a heartbeat'? Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss

As always, our thanks to our sponsor, De Facto Shave dot com, the world’s best shaving oil


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