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The future of cash payments is here

1. Protect your staff and customers by limiting the risk of contamination.

2. Work smarter with quicker transaction time of only five seconds.

3. Decreases the level of theft with secure automation of cash handling.


Smart Cash Manager - SMC-A

The SCM-A offers your customers a fast and secure way to pay by cash or coins at your retail store. This system is sleek with a touch screen and ideal for a counter top in a coffee shop or grocery store.


Smart Cash Manager - SCM-B

The Smart Cash Manager (SCM-B) is ideal for any retail shop, coffee shop, fast food outlets. The SCM-B is a slimline cash and coin payments system which can speed up queue times, reduces any errors and offers employee contactless transactions.


Smart Cash Manager - SCM-C

The east to use Smart Cash Manager (SMC-C) is extremely reliable and can be integrated or sealed into a counter. This cash system is efficient, fast and very easy for customers and staff to use. A great investment that offers your retail store a secure, hygienic and fast payment option.


CashDev FDBv8 Cash Banking Deposit System

This cash system allows customers to deposit notes quickly and securely. This self-service deposit machine is a real time saver for banks, CIT, and even for retailers. The cash is deposited to thermally sealed plastic bags which reduces the risks of theft. The newest version of our best seller includes options of note stacking, 100 notes escrow, suspicious notes being retained



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