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The market leading wireless paging system, Ideal for restaurants ,cafes and bars

We here at Dualtron offer the best solution for hospitality and restaurant paging-systems. They allow reduced queues in the order waiting area. Customers can wait a call wherever they feel comfortable. When a call is received, the pager notifies the guest with a light and vibration signal. The order placing process becomes automated, minimizing the human factor. The transmitter can be used to send signals to all SOLT equipment receivers.

  • Award winning technical support team for installation and training

  • Keeps all communications simple, hygienic and fast

  • Easy to use & efficient


  • Remove queues at busy periods

  • Customers can relax, knowing they will not miss their table

  • Faster turnaround on your tables - higher revenues

  • Easy to install

  • Hardwearing and waterproof

  • Long battery life

Call bells

  • Exceptional accuracy and stability of signal transmission

  • Able to delete repeated call IDs

  • No interference to or from other bells

  • Long call range

  • Battery saving standby mode


  • Exceptional accuracy & signal reception

  • All calls viewable on-screen

  • Strong battery life & call range


  • Modern and luxurious design with minimalist aesthetic

  • Opaque base gives light, floating image, dualLED call indicators are installed in top and in the base

  • Perfectly circular shape combined with metallic black colour results in pleasing body line and aesthetic


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