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UPAY offers our Customers a streamlined process

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

A major drinks producer and distributer in Ireland with 600 employees across their operations in Cork and Dublin, their brands are exported to 130+ markets worldwide.

The Problem

Our customer had two sites in Dublin, they wanted to update a new Cashless EPOS system, their staff were paying for meals and refreshments through payroll which made tracking and monitoring difficult for the catering staff and the business.

The old process involved a lot of paper trails, allocating transactions on a weekly or monthly basis and managing an onsite server to keep track of all the data.

This wasn’t practical and was causing a loss for the company on transactions that were missed or not documented.

At both locations they wanted a totally cashless site that would offer more security and save time counting cash at the end of the day.

The Solution

Dualtron provided a cashless system which worked for both sites using UPay.

This meant staff could pay using their access cards or with smartphones using a QR code on the UPay app.

All sales are paid through payroll or hospitality and are charged through cost centres.

The new system is very fast, about three times as fast as a cash system!

Staff simply tap their card on a reader at the tills.

Any visitors or contractors working on the sites can set up a temporary account on the UPay app, allowing them to top up and avail of the cashless facilities. The system automatically manages visitors and requires no additional work for the till operator.

A self-service till was also installed, a confident and trusted approach for everyone, providing a seamless, speedy service.

The Self Service Till - offers a resource efficiency, allowing team members to focus on other areas.

The new UPay system is managed in the Cloud, which means the customer doens't need to provide and maintain a server on either site.

It takes away the onus of daily backups and means our customers always has the latest version of UPay software, just like all Dualtron’s UPay customers.

It also allows access to key information anywhere, from any device.

Reports are set up to run and be emailed automatically every week as per the customers request, daily, hourly, monthly etc are all available also real time views are accessible.

A drop down user list is also accessible at all tills as a helpdesk if needed.

The Future

This customer has continued to roll out the new features of UPAY which offers increased sales, loyalty and easy to use from the supplier, to the onsite catering manager to the end user.

Please let us know if you would like to chat further about your EPOS or Intellligent Payment Solutions, our team have 30 years experience with the best team in Ireland.


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