Updated: Jan 31

Across Europe, cashless technology and payments systems are growing in popularity, even more so in the past 18 months. Also, on the increase are self-service payment systems which are helping retail businesses very successfully. An automated cash payment system sits beside your EPOS and allows the customer to pay directly into a secure, smart payment acceptor. Change is dispensed from the device and your till operators no longer need to handle cash.

If your retail business takes in cash every day and you haven’t already thought about an automated customer cash payment system here are some of the many benefits.

Automatic management of the payment and receipt processes is increasingly important in restaurants, retail stores, in short, in a number of establishments that deal with cash on a daily basis. Even though the use of credit cards and online banking is encouraged, many people still prefer physical cash as their main payment method.

Automatic cash handling saves time and above all, money.

Dualtron have been in business for 30 years in Ireland, providing many technologies and systems to the retail, banking and healthcare industries. We partner with many of the world’s best suppliers for the best in class products. We are launching our new range from CashDev – who are market leaders in cash management systems across Europe.

These new Smart Cash Management systems will make your life a lot easier!

They are easy to install, use and integrate; fast, intuitive and convenient for management, staff and most importantly customers.

They are an asset for any retail environment that accepts cash, regardless of its business volume. By putting an end to manual, inconvenient and time-consuming processes, automatic cash handling equipment like the CashDev’s Smart Cash Manager kiosks considerably improves operational productivity.

Our new Smart Cash Manager Kiosks also proves to be fundamental when it comes to security, as it prevents theft or robbery, interdicts access to unauthorized people and eliminates errors related to cash handling. In addition, it is possible to provide an electronic record for each transaction made, which ensures accountability and security. Access to cash is also controlled and the time the cash is on view is reduced.

These automated kiosks puts an end to manual, inconvenient and time-consuming processes.

An automated cash management system, which has a streamlined approach to handling cash, reduces the chances of errors occurring, mitigates cash losses and provides better and greater visibility when it comes to transactions. So, businesses need to ensure that they choose a robust cash management system that helps streamline the cash handling process, especially in busy establishments.

This cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes, simplifying cash handling quickly and efficiently.

Cashier service with automated cash: Your cashier simply rings up the customer's items, and then the customer pays their cash directly into the SCM. Your staff never need to handle the cash, and the customer doesn't need to scan their items.