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Bank Note Steriliser

The Plasma Money Steriliser is the world’s first open money counter steriliser. 

bank note money steriliser

It sterilises and disinfects bank notes as they are run through a money counting machine. As notes are counted, millions of plasma ion clusters surround and penetrate the notes, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacterial fine dust in 30 seconds. It uses a unique sterilisation method. When the device senses banknotes being loaded it creates millions of plasma ion clusters which  rid the banknotes and the air around them of impurities. The open front design of the steriliser makes it easy for  the user to insert the bank notes into the note counter. Once they do that the device starts automatically. 

Germs on the surface of money can be transmitted from person to person multiple times daily. A study by doctoral students in Cork Institute of Technology found that germs found on banknotes could persist on banknotes and coins for up to 19 days. Tests in Oxford University showed that the average banknote in circulation contained over 26,000 bacteria. Dirt and germs build up on money very quickly. As businesses continue to reopen, cash usage will increase as a payment method in many establishments. The money steriliser can be used in any establishment that counts cash like banks, post offices, credit unions, hotels or retailers.

With hygiene being a constant message everywhere we go, cleanliness and hygiene practices are at the forefront of people’s minds upon leaving the house. We are becoming more conscious of what we touch and the circulation of banknotes has caused concern. Dualtron’s Money Steriliser machines can really help improve the health and welfare of staff in any business that counts cash. The steriliser can be used with most banknote counters and smaller sorters. Banknotes are automatically recognised when they are inserted and the money sterilisation process begins instantly, while also sterilizing the staff member’s  hands. 

Our money steriliser reduces hygiene risks and helps to prevent the transmission of disease. It sterilises and also removes dirt. A cloud of millions of plasma cluster ions penetrate the surface of the banknotes surrounding harmful microbes which are turned into proteins or water, making them harmless to the human body. A hepa filter removes the dirty water at the top of the unit leaving the banknotes clean and ready for use in your business. During this pandemic and with the majority of businesses returning to work, you can be confident that your employees and customers know that you are taking precautions to keep them safe. 

Your employees can return to work safely, knowing that there is a decreased risk of acquiring an infection through germs from handling banknotes. You can be confident in knowing that you are introducing procedures to keep employees safe to perform their job. Using the Money Steriliser demonstrates that your company is playing it’s part in reducing the  spread of germs around your community, without slowing your daily tasks like counting and batching your notes.

See it in action here:

If you would like to find out more about our money steriliser, or how Dualtron can be of assistance to you during the COVID-19 pandemic, have a look at our product page or contact us on 01 823 7150


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