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Dualton & COVID-19 Update

You Can Count on Dualtron

The well being of our colleagues, customers and suppliers is our number one priority.  From the 13th of March, virtually all of our staff have been working from home in compliance with social distancing guidelines issued by HSE and the Government.

Your customer experience will be business as usual during this time. Our support line remains open on 01-823-7150 and emails can be directed to or contacted here.

  1. As per our Business Continuity Plan:

  2. All Dualtron personnel are equipped to work from home and have secure access to all key systems. 

  3. All field personnel are equipped with spare parts in their vans. 

  4. We remain fully ISO-27001 compliant and client data remains safe.

  5. Our management team is overseeing our response to this crisis and continues to monitor ongoing developments.

  6. A skeleton presence remains in our office to dispatch repairs and accept deliveries. 

  7. Additional cleaning services and disinfection processes are in place. 

  8. Our field personnel who provide services on-site will work with client staff to follow their protocols while on their premises. 

  9. Our field staff are well versed in hand and respiratory hygiene and have been supplied with hand sanitiser and gloves.  


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