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Benefits of Using Note Counters

Whether you are a large cash centre or a small retailer note counters can offer huge benefits to you and your business in a number of ways that you might not have even considered.

Time-Saving: On average our smallest note counter can count 1200 notes per minute which is incomparable to a human. All our machines are capable of handling a lot of cash at a single time, taking only a few seconds to count and sort eliminating the need for the user to recheck the figures and waste time. Just a single quick count offers the result. All our machines have a small footprint so can be easily placed beside the till for quick and easy cash up at the end of the day or in the back office.

Accuracy: Using a note counter gives accurate results. A human may make an error while counting notes manually, but a machine rarely, if ever makes such mistakes. Notes are separated and counted and any forgeries are detected using the latest CIS technology for counterfeit detection.

Easy To Operate: All our note counters are easy to operate and we offer full training and phone support. They begin counting automatically when the notes are inserted into the hopper and stops when the count is done. Our machines have simple functions and a user-friendly interface. A number of machines also come with feather touch keypads and a graphic LCD interface for easy use. Intelligent: Modern cash counting devices don’t just look elegant and stylish but are actually smart. Our machines are intelligent enough to understand their own systems. Post-self-examination, they inform the user if there is any problem found in their operation. They can recognise different denominations so the user doesn’t have to separate before counting the notes. They also have auto currency detection and can record all serial numbers so any blacklisted notes will be picked up and notify the user. Counts can be set up to give running totals, batch count and various other options depending on the user’s needs. Counterfeit Detection: All our machines come with the latest Dual CIS technology for counterfeit detection. Any notes the machine deems to be faulty for whatever reason will get sorted into reject pocket and the reason for rejecting that note will be displayed on the screen. Counterfeit notes are constantly evolving which makes it different to detect manually, having a machine that does it for you ensures you don’t get caught out. Fake notes have an adverse impact on the economy and also on the reputation of the business.

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