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Cash and The Coronavirus

With the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), new information is emerging regarding how long the virus remains on surfaces. 

One of the main concerns amongst health officials is the circulation of bank notes and coins. Notes and coins change hands multiple times during circulation, and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Coronavirus has the ability to cling to currency. As money frequently changes hands, it can pick up dirt as it is passed around. 

As reported by ‘The Telegraph’ the WHO recommends that, as a preventative method, people use contactless payment where possible, as banknotes may be spreading the virus. It is not yet known how long the Coronavirus can last on a surface, or outside of the body and can last on banknotes for several days. Banks in Korea and China have begun to disinfect banknotes as a way to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Cash is a popular payment method. Customers and staff physically engaging with notes and coins, can increase the spread of dirt and disease. Retailer concerns are beginning to increase as documented on Dr. Ciara Kelly’s Newstalk radio show (31:40) on March 2nd. 

For businesses or customers who still wish to use physical cash, a cash automation device can remove the need for cashiers to handle cash, and reduce hand to hand contact between cashier and customer.


Paypod™ pay station is an automated payment solution, helping retailers with cash handling and improving hygiene at the point of sale. The need for cashiers to handle cash is eliminated, reducing the spread of bacteria, and increasing peace of mind for concerned retailers – particularly those in the food industry.

Paypod also allows retailers to concentrate on a more customer focused transaction. As staff don’t need to manually handle and count cash, there is more time to spend on customer service. 

The amount of cash tendered by a customer is recognised by Paypod, automatically counted and the correct change is then dispensed to the customer. Paypod rejects counterfeit notes – saving cashiers and retailers against losses. 

paypod hybrid cash processing system

Paypod Hybrid

paypod embedded cash processing system

Embedded Paypod

Paypod comes either embedded, fitting neatly under a store’s counter, or it is available in a hybrid option, fitting nicely on top of an existing counter. 

The PayPod hybrid model can be fitted quickly to your existing countertop, our Poslinq software allows us to quickly connect to your POS screen without a lengthy integration process. 

Paypod provides retailers with the means to handle cash and contactless payments securely and hygienically.

Contact us straight away to discuss how PayPod can help your business.


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