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Conference Room Ordering System – CROS

Having difficulty tracking your hospitality accounts?

Do you need a more secure and controlled way of monitoring your catering costs?

CROS is a standalone system built as a bespoke hospitality ordering solution. The look and feel are designed to mimic your corporate identity and can be completely re-skinned to your specifications. The system can facilitate complex workflows such as pre-approvals, spend limits, variable menus, as per your business needs. 

For sites with hundreds or thousands of chargeable hospitality accounts, each with their own rules, the portal is designed to manage this high volume of accounts.

Accounts are managed hierarchically in a tree model. User and administrators can search for the correct accounts to use when arranging a catered meeting. Each time a meeting is booked, the user is asked to confirm the number of attendees, start and end time of the meeting, 

the business reason for the meeting and give an explicit confirmation that they are authorised and have business needs to charge food to their account. 

Menus are arranged dynamically by the system depending on who is logged in and where they are holding a meeting. 

For example. Silver service options may only be available to staff above a certain level in certain areas of the premises.

The system uses the latest in cloud-based technologies and can be integrated into a company’s own intranet. The system is completely API based, making it easy to integrate with other client systems. Dualtron CROS is not a one-size fit all product, it can be tailored to suit the precise requirements of the client and caterer.

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