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Dualtron Ltd and TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd have joined forces to provide integrated solutions for

TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd have been providing Security Management and Smart Card systems to some of the largest firms in the world for nearly two decades now, and have an excellent reputation for commitment to their customers.

Dualtron working with GiroVend, the leading Cashless Payments Systems manufacturer have developed Integration Utilities, which mean customers can derive real benefits and savings from managing changes from one place within the organisation. The customer can add a new employee to their TDS database and that employee’s record is automatically added to their Cashless Payments database. This saves duplication and management of multiple databases. Employees can even pay for their food and vending and have their payments deducted directly from their Payroll. This link up means that customers of TDS and Dualtron can leverage more benefits from their own on site facilities. This can now be done at a lower cost and with significant savings in administration time. It also tightens up the management of entitlements across companies.

Dualtron and TDS can work with most smartcard formats, including Mifare, Legic, HID, I-Class, etc. The two companies share many of the same customers and will now be able to integrate their systems together.

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