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Dualtron’s First Electric Vehicle – Coming Soon

As part of Dualtrons sustainability efforts and in line with the government’s goal of achieving 10% EV use by 2020 we have ordered our first electric vehicle..

We have chosen the Hyundai Kona. The Kona’s long range will allow us to serve clients all over the country from our base in Dublin. Our first EV will be allocated to our healthcare department, supporting the rollout of our Serval Food Ordering for Healthcare solution. The car is also an addition to the conscious effort our company already makes toward practicing sustainable ways of working and aiding care for the environment.

It operates by using a battery that powers the motor and can be recharged by being plugged in at a charging station. The EV emits zero exhaust emissions which helps to improve air quality as well as reduce noise pollution. It has a positive effect on the environment while also generating low running costs.

As an electric vehicle a grant can be given to businesses from the SEAI. There is also BIK (benefit in kind) exemption and tax relief offered to companies from the government. It is an excellent way to encourage companies to go electric and support Ireland’s initiative to have 10% of all vehicles on the road electric by 2020.

We look forward to the introduction of Dualtrons first electric vehicle that will serve our clients and Serval Ordering System. We are excited to have a new vehicle that will support our efforts to be environmentally friendly and increase the awareness of our brand.


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