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Dualtron & TDS Provide Integrated Cashless Solution to Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Together with Dualtron, TDS implemented a fully integrated cashless catering system which met Janssen’s requirements and in some instances exceeded them. The system has eliminated cash at tills and vending machines throughout the plant, provided management with real-time accurate reports and is compliant with the current J&J standards. Janssen employees have opted for their canteen spending to be deduced directly from their pay through the CorePay interface, while contractors & visitors use a top-up machine to load money on their card. The real-time CoreAccess interface ensures an invalid badge in CoreAccess is not able to be used in the canteen. The successful rollout of this system was due to a joint project team being formed of Janssen, Dualtron and TDS specialists to ensure all users took a positive approach to the installation from the start.

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