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Gardaí warn of large number of counterfeit €50 notes

Gardaí have warned people to be on the lookout for counterfeit €50 notes after €2 Million of counterfeits were seized at a house on Dublin’s North Circular Road on the 2nd of February. Three men were arrested in the operation.

Close Up of Notes Seized by Gardaí

Close Up of Notes Seized by Gardaí

This was a sophisticated operation using a Heidelberg printing press which was also seized during the operation. As can be seen on the Garda Facebook page, these counterfeits were of a high standard.

Supt. Dave Taylor warned business owners to be vigilant:

“If you were using an ultra violet light behind the counter of a business taking cash and you checked the watermark on these, they would pass that test; they’d look genuine. “We’re concerned that notes of this quality are being manufactured. To the untrained eye it would pass quite easily. We’re asking business people to check their stock, check what money they have. And if they come across anything like this to contact An Garda Siochana immediately.”

Counterfeit 50s on Display

Counterfeit 50s on Display

Garda Facebook Gallery from the seizure

Dualtron recommend businesses ensure their employees are familiar with the security features of Euro banknotes and use an ECB Approved counterfeit detector to protect against counterfeits. The CT-331 uses a combination of Infra-Red, Ultraviolet and Magnetic sensors to quickly and clearly identify real or fake notes.

CT-331 Automatic Counterfeit Detector from Dualtron

Gardaí seize €2.1 million in fake €50 notes – The Irish TImes

Gardaí warn of large number of counterfeit €50

Gardai warn ‘sizeable quantity’ of counterfeit €50 notes in

Three men charged following €2m counterfeit note seizure – Irish Independent

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