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New €5 Note

The second generation of Euro banknotes is on its way.

The first denomination to be updated will be the €5 note. The new series of notes will feature a portrait of ‘Europa’ a figure from Greek mythology who was seduced by Zeus.

All of the €5 notes currently in circulation laid end to end would almost reach the moon, it is expected that by Autumn 2013 the new Europa €5 note will be more common than the original.

Dualtron are working closely with our partners to ensure all of our equipment can be updated with these changes.

Over 250,000 counterfeit notes were removed from circulation in the first half of 2012, so it is important to be prepared for this change and to be aware of the new security features that will be present on the note.

Cash handling staff should familiarise yourself with the security features shown here.

Europa Series II €5 Banknote

Europa Series II €5 Banknote

Europa €5 Note Security

Source: ECB Eurosystem


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