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Newton F

Newton F

The Newton F is the first choice for banknote fitness sorting. No other model has been so successful in meeting the needs of banks, credit unions, security companies and retailers for ECB Fitness Sorting, ATM Fitness Sorting and Value Counting.

Though compact in size the Newton performs to the highest standards. It handles all qualities of banknotes very well. Its full array of forgery detection features ensures absolute security. Its advanced modular design means it can take advantage of future technology developments. Each machine has its own unique I.P. address. When you buy a Newton you invest in the future.

It’s intelligent detectors include an array of paired ultrasonic detectors, full spectrum CIS image detection, ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared detectors across the full length of the notes. This ensures that its Fitness sorting performance is first class.

The Newton has a 4.3 inch touch screen GUI interface and an enlarged results display, which operates on Windows CE. This combination allows operators to see all information on the process being carrying out. It also prompts the operator if their intervention is required. When used as a value counter the Newton can verify a mixed bundle of banknotes in seconds. If a suspect note is detected the Newton explains the reject reason.

The clamshell design means the Newton can be opened fully front and back to allow access to all parts of the note path and detectors. This makes it easy to reach and clean the sensors.

All Newtons are installed and supported by our experienced team of engineers and technicians. Full on site training is provided.

  1. ECB Banknote Recycling Framework Approved

  2. As chosen by most Irish Banks!

  3. Will value, authenticate and sort Notes

  4. Two pocket bank note Fitness Sorter

  5. Fast and reliable for all note qualities 800 notes per minute

  6. Windows CE platform for easy use and upgrading

  7. Save time with Touch Screen Operation and modifiable screens

  8. Small size is ideal for small counter space

  9. Only weighs 10 kg. It’s very portable

  10. Modifiable Screens for different processes

  11. USB, LAN Interfaces, IP Address

  12. Optional Remote Display, Printer and Multicurrency

  13. Backed by very experienced Dualtron service team

Choose the Newton F for your banknote sorting and fitness requirements.

It’s the wise choice.

Newton F – ECB Approved Banknote Sorter and Counter

  1. Download Newton Note Sorter Brochure

  2. Contact Dualtron for more information on the Newton F Note Sorter

You can count on Dualtron!


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