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Serval – Hospital Success Story

SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare allows catering staff to take patients orders via an Android tablet. This eliminates the need for paper along with reducing costs and saving time. The app also allows staff to see the patient’s dietary requirements and helps to improve their nutritional care. Additionally, the Serval app allows for automated reporting and meets JCI compliance.

Serval was introduced in our first private hospital in mid-2018. They have utilised the app for all 3 daily meals for patients. In the facility patient orders are taken on the app by their bed-side using mobile sanitizable tablets. The introduction of Serval has helped improve patient experience and improve lead times for catering staff.

The system helps to keep track of the current status and location of patients in the hospital at all times. Therefore, this eliminates misdirected or obsolete deliveries to the kitchen and reduces waste. All patients orders, meal and diet information is retained in the Serval system and this allows for easy retrieval, at the push of a button, should this information be required later on for medical or legal reasons.

The hospital has experienced an enormous increase in process security and efficiency in their meal ordering system since the introduction of Serval. It has reduced the amount of working hours in a day for staff compared to the previous paper system for food ordering.


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