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SERVAL – Hospital Ward Ordering System

SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare is an order management system developed specifically for catering and hospitality in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. It was designed to take process quality, security and efficiency to the next level, both on the ward and in the kitchen, at a competitive price. Transmission errors from paper sheets and excel lists are a thing of the past. The well-designed software supports you in adhering to the prescribed dietary requirements, using an automated custom interface to your patient data. No matter if the dietary prescription is changed, if special requirements, requests exist or if the patient is transferred to another ward or bed, the kitchen has the information in real-time. Stop throwing away food prepared wrong or in excess. On top of that, a patient’s order history stays available unlimitedly and can be looked up when needed. Our system allows for constant documentation and reporting.


  1. Improve patient experience

  2. Improve lead time for catering staff

  3. Meets patient’s dietary requirements

  4. Provides nutritional information

  5. Meet JCI compliance

  6. Gives the catering manager more control

  7. Reduces wastage

Additional features:

  1. Specific requests and serving requirements can be added to individual meals.

  2. Visuals of meal options can be added

  3. Automated reporting


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