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10WAYS to improve your Hospitality Automation

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Whether you are a restaurant, a catering location of a pop up venue, we can help you streamline your process and revenue with some great tools to manage your customer experience and drive increase revenue and loyalty.

We are the ‘one stop shop’ for all your payment solutions

  1. Self-Service EPOS

  2. AI Cashier - Mashgin

  3. Online Ordering - Order Ahead

  4. Fast POS payment solutions

  5. Micromarket

  6. Contactless Vending

  7. Cash Till Automation - Smart Cash Manager

  8. Pagers and Call Bells

  9. Smart - Cash- Managers

  10. Scan-Order-Pay

1. EPOS - Self Service

Boost sales by providing more areas for your customers to make fast and easy purchases.

Use our dedicated software for fast navigation through the POS

Our team have installed self-service self-service POS in many locations around Ireland - check out more here

Our Self Order Kiosks are easy to use -

  • Customers order and pay, away from the main servery

  • Printed order slip

  • Large format GUI being developed this year

  • “McDonald’s Style”

Find out more

2 AI Cashier / Frictionless – Mashgin

This is the fast growing area in automation

  • 400% Faster Checkout than Traditional POS

Drive up revenue by reducing lines. Our powerful technology can identify multiple items in under a second so your customers can scan, pay, and be on their way.

  • No Barcodes Required

Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System uses computer vision to recognize objects the same way your eyes do.

It can instantly identify packaged goods, produce, and open plates from any angle.

  • Truly Touchless Technology

Keep customers and employees safe with completely touchless self-checkout. Add items and pay without touching anything but your food

Find out more here

3. UPAY – Order Ahead

Allows customers to pre-order and pay for items online, arranging collection or delivery at a time that suits.

Benefits of UPay Order Ahead:

● Removes Queues

● Aid Social Distancing

● Eliminates cash - improves hygiene

● Convenient way for busy customers to order from their

desk or on the move.

● Collect or have it delivered at a time that suits

● Allows for preparation in a timely manner, providing a

higher level of customer service.

● Easy to setup from within Uniware Cloud.

● Payment made in advance.

Check out more here


UPay phone payment app is much faster than contactless bank cards.

Fully integrated PEDs are available where required - no time delay for keying of price, no discrepancies.

Use barcode scanning for relevant products.

5 Micromarket

Dualtron have designed a streamlined and integrated solution using a Uniware UPOS till in self-service mode.

Customers simply grab their purchase items and scan them at the white light barcode scanner and pay using the fully integrated contactless debit/credit card terminal.

As seen in Euro Car Parts.

5 Mobile POS (UPoSM)

This is a full featured POS system - small enough to use in a food truck !

Powerful hardware in a stylish design

The revolutionary terminal that started it all. The A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful POS payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design.

  • All-in-one portable PoS

  • Sleek compact design

  • Accepts all payment methods

  • Table service

  • Queue busting

  • All mobile payments with the power of a full-size till

Find out more here

Download our Mobile POS minibrochure

  • You can set up unique promotions

  • You can set up unique loyalty programmes

  • You can set up events

  • Push Notifications/messaging

  • Integration with other systems

  • Advanced onsite and remote reporting available – real time and dashboards

  • Instant paperless receipts

  • Top Up cashless payments

  • Click & Collect/Order Ahead

  • Self Service Options

  • Remote menu and price access

Find out more

7 Kitchen Screens

  • Instant Communication floor to kitchen

  • Orders can come from UPAY/Order ahead /POS till/ Ordering Kiosk

  • Easy to integrate

  • Bump screen to track and display order status

8 Pagers, Watches & Call Bells

We have a large selection of pagers, call bells and watches to improve table service and waiting areas.

For more information click here

Check out our recent case study

9 Our New Smart Cash Managers

With a smart cash manager, your customers can pay cash directly into the device, and even receive change.

The SCM-A offers your customers a fast and secure way to pay by cash or coins at your retail store. This system is sleek with a touch screen and ideal for a counter top in a coffee shop or grocery store.

Find out more

Check out our CASHIER AUTOMATION videe here

10 Check out our latest technology - SCAN-ORDER-PAY

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Our motto is ‘You can count on Dualtron’. We pride ourselves on our reputation for rapidly resolving customer issues. This helped us to win the Services category at the SFA National Small Business Awards 2017. Our people are our greatest asset and customers who work with us tend to stay.

You are very welcome to our new Headquarters in Dublin to view any of our products and speak to our technical & support teams.


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